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AUSTIN Ribbon Microphone Kits are the standard for Do-It-Yourself Microphone Kits.
With an Austin Ribbon Microphone Upgrade kit for the MXL 990 Microphone, you get all the parts to convert your MXL-990 to a world-class USA ribbon microphone. Follow the step-by-step, fully-illustrated instructions to cut, corrugate and install your own ribbon, disassemble the MXL990, then solder the connector & transformer to build yourself a professional Ribbon Microphone.
Specialty tools are included in each kit, but you'll need some basic tools like jeweler's screwdrivers, a razor blade and a soldering iron. Your MXL-990 can be upgraded on a kitchen table in one evening.

My AUSTIN™ OTA-2 USA transformers are custom-wound especially for me, right here in California, and they sound KILLER! Fat bottom punch, and excellent high-frequency output make an Austin™ MXL-990 Mod great for recording electric and acoustic guitars, and bringing-out the warmth of studio vocals. Check out this sample from Lauren Hermann.
I also have Cinemag and Lundahl options, just like my standard Austin Ribbon Microphone kits. The Cinemag and Lundahl transformers extend the high and low ends a bit more. See the diykits page for details about what each transformer does for the sound and output.

This upgrade kit is Made in the USA!
Austin Ribbon Microphone Kits are made in San Diego, CA USA from quality parts by local vendors and machine shops. UL/CSA wiring, custom-wound transformers made just up the freeway especially for us, and a monolithic ribbon motor truss proudly manufactured by a San Diego machine shop. The MXL-990 Mod kit actually improves the sound of your Chinese MXL990 microphone to that of a classic ribbon mic. Direct, personal customer support is always just an email away, and is usually answered within a couple hours.